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Sensitive skin: what skincare routine should you adopt?

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If you have sensitive skin, then you probably already know that the slightest mistake in the care process can damage it. In fact, it's very important to pay attention not only to the choice of tools and body care products, but also to how they are used. From cleansing to exfoliation, here's an example of a routine you can adopt to look after sensitive skin.

Start by cleaning

It's impossible to talk about body care without starting with the cleansing phase. This must be done systematically, while following some very important basic instructions. For example, you need to choose a gentle cleanser that respects the skin barrier. 

On the market, you will certainly be tempted by products such as micellar water or cleansing milk , which are fairly popular with users. However, they only cleanse the skin's surface and can damage the skin's hydrolipidic film. 

So, to make a wiser choice and get effective results after cleansing, turn to a cleanser in the form of a milk, cream or oil, which won't dry out the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable. If possible, opt for a product based on natural ingredients such as jojoba oil or aloe vera, as they contain no foaming agents or perfumes that can irritate the skin.

Apply a tonic lotion 

After cleansing, the skin needs to be moisturised. To do this, you'll need a toning lotion. This product deeply moisturises and soothes the skin, preparing it for subsequent treatments. 

Once again, you need to choose a lotion specially designed for sensitive skin. The product should be alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Don't hesitate to opt for lotions rich in chamomile, lavender or thermal spring water, as these are beneficial for calming the skin and reducing redness.

To apply, you can use cotton wool or even your fingers, patting gently onto the face. This step is essential to remove any remaining cleanser residue and refresh the skin. It also prepares the skin for subsequent moisturisers and helps to balance its pH.

Go for soothing serums 

When skin is particularly irritated or sensitive, it needs a targeted treatment to calm the inflammation at source. Soothing serums are light-textured products that penetrate quickly to provide intense hydration and relieve feelings of discomfort.

One application a week is more than enough to protect the skin from daily aggressions. Just make sure you use a small amount at a time. Above all, you should always opt for serums made from natural products

Look after the eye area and think about gentle exfoliation

The eye contour area is particularly fragile and sensitive, and requires a specific skincare routine to protect it from the signs of fatigue and ageing. To do this, you need to remove make-up from the area, tone and decongest it, then moisturise and finally apply a specific serum. 

Exfoliation remains an essential part of the skincare routine for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Enzymatic and fruit acid-based exfoliants are ideal for successfully exfoliating sensitive skin.

They also help to even out skin tone and prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots. After exfoliating, you should apply a moisturising mask to soothe and nourish the skin, and don't hesitate to use a sun cream to avoid any skin reactions.


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