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Blemished skin: Causes, types and best treatments to get rid of them

Peau à imperfections

Although common, skin imperfections are not inevitable. However, it is important to understand the causes, the different types that exist and the best possible treatments to get rid of them. Here is some detailed information on the subject. 

Blemished skin: what causes it? ? 

The most common cause of skin imperfections is the overproduction of sebum. The skin contains sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oily moisturising substance. However, when too much sebum is produced, the skin can quickly develop blemishes. 

As well as too much sebum, over-consumption of fatty, sugary or processed foods can also lead to skin imperfections. Added to this are hormonal factors linked to increased stress. Clearly, when you are regularly subjected to stressful phenomena, there is a good chance that you will develop spots and pimples on your skin and face. 

Finally, poor personal hygiene and environmental factors such as pollution, UV rays and smoking can also cause skin imperfections. 



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What are the different types of skin imperfection? ?

Skin imperfections manifest themselves in different ways. The most common marks are pimples. These can appear in different forms, such as 

  • pustules (pus-filled spots),, 
  • papules (red, swollen spots)  
  • nodules (hard, painful balls under the skin). 

Blackheads are another very common form of blemish. They form when the skin's pores become blocked with sebum and dead cells. They form mainly on the face, but also on the body. 

Dilated pores occur when the skin is stretched and enlarged. They are caused by overproduction of sebum, loss of skin elasticity due to age, sun exposure and pollution. Finally, spots corresponding to areas of depigmentation on the skin are also very common. They are caused by sun exposure, age, hormones and acne scars. 



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What treatments are available for blemishes ? 

There is no standard treatment for skin imperfections. It is therefore necessary to consider the type of blemish and its cause in order to envisage lasting curative solutions. However, whatever the type of blemish, it's important to adopt good hygiene and coordinate the use of cosmetic products to limit the damage. You should also avoid excessive exposure to UV rays.

To get rid of pimples, you can use gentle facial cleansers that remove excess sebum and impurities without damaging the skin. On the other hand, anti-spot cosmetic ingredients such as arbutin or kojic acid are better suited to evening out the complexion. 

Similarly, exfoliants are the best treatment for removing dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. In the end, this gives you a more interesting body texture. Finally, whatever product you choose, at least make sure it's rich in natural elements.



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