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How to switch to slow cosmetics: a step-by-step guide

slow cosmétique

Beauty products have become an indispensable ally for everyone today. However, most cosmetics on the market contain chemical substances that are potentially harmful to health and the environment. Faced with this situation, slow cosmetics is emerging as an alternative, more effective and eco-responsible solution. Here's a step-by-step guide to making the switch to slow cosmetics.

Understanding the essence of the approach

Adopting the slow cosmetics approach is first and foremost about raising awareness. In concrete terms, it's about understanding the impact that the use of certain fast-acting cosmetic products has on health and the associated environmental problems. These products are often advertised as "fast-acting", but in reality they are full of synthetic and irritating substances that can cause skin damage over time. These include severe allergies and irritation, potential risks to human organs due to the persistence of certain harmful substances in the body, not to mention possible endocrine disruption.

The environmental consequences are just as significant. First of all, as most products are rinsed off, their harmful substancespollute the air, water and soil around them. Packaging is also a real source of pollution. They are generally non-biodegradable and are ultimately dispersed in the oceans, harming aquatic environments and throwing their ecosystems out of balance.

Eco-friendly cosmetics are the absolute opposite. Made from natural ingredients and wrapped in biodegradable materials, they have a low impact on the environment and the ecosystem. And despite a slow response, they favour quality over quantity. In the long term, they are effective for consumers and present little or no danger to their health.

Opt for multifunctional products

Slow cosmetics is not just about eliminating fast-acting products. The approach also aims to limit the over-consumption of cosmetic agents whatever their nature. The idea is to opt for multi-purpose products that are suitable for the whole family. For example, instead of providing organic shampoo for every shower, a single box can be used by everyone. You can also add a slow-cosmetic detangler to detangle your hair, if you don't have another product for this purpose.

What's more, rather than buying cosmetic agents, you can also make your own. For example, cold water with a dash of cider vinegar can make hair shine, while coconut oil can be used to moisturise lips, remove make-up, nourish nails and repair hair as a mask. Aloe Vera can also be used to soothe minor burns or sunburns and to regulate oily skin or speed up healing.

Incorporating these multi-functional products into your daily routine is an excellent way to simplify your beauty routine while making significant savings.

Adopt a good daily routine

As you've no doubt already realised, slow cosmetics involve using simple, natural, environmentally-friendly products to care for your skin and hair. Specialists recommend a fairly specific routine.

The daily slow cosmetics routine consists of taking care of your skin in a natural and environmentally-friendly way. It starts with cleansing the skin, even without make-up. To do this, we recommend using a vegetable oil . It is mainly effective for removing all make-up residue and impurities caused by pollution. After a few minutes, remove any traces of oil with cold-saponified soap and a konjac sponge. Finally, wipe your face with a washable wipe soaked in hydrolat to neutralise the drying effect of limescale on your skin.

Now that your skin has been cleansed and treated, apply a night cream, massaging it into your face. The next morning, hydrolat is all you need to wake up and cleanse your skin. For make-up, make sure you choose a mineral product that has no negative impact on your skin..

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